Limit of 40 images per month, contact for approval to exceed this number

  • Turnaround times

    • 20 web shots in one calendar week

    • Styled images & special projects may take longer depending on the scope of the project

    • Rush pricing is for imaged needed in less than one week’s time

Pricing Structure: 

Web Image: Standard shot of each item, not styled for a particular layout. Retouched and delivered in full resolution,  cropped, color profiled for web use.


                +15% for rush - $46

 Styled Image/Giftware: Shot with item shaped to match specific layout needs, ie a necklace chain curved etc. Or small group of two items such as a pair of rings. All giftware.


                +15% for rush - $57.50

Hero/Composite/Large Group: Highly styled custom images, group shots of 3 or more items, images requiring heavy modification/compositing


                +15% for rush - $92

 Timepieces: All watch images


                +15% for rush - $92