Luxury Jewelry Photography

The following comprises an evolving selection of commissioned photographs of the finest luxury & designer jewelry, timepieces and giftware. Specializing in this style of commercial product photography since 2008, I offer customized creative for all advertising media including print, web, billboard, etc., producing content for ads in cities across the United States. As a consultant, I design proprietary lighting and workflow solutions to take advantage of emerging and rapidly evolving photographic technologies.

Each unique piece of fine jewelry presents challenges to be photographed well, requiring a deep understanding of the gemstones, metals and other materials used as well as technical know-how to adapt photographic techniques to suit them.  As such, the retouching of these images is a critical creative process necessary to make photographs of fine jewelry feel luxurious and be effective in advertising.  For this reason I am GIA certified and handle all post-production in house. These objects are crafted by some the the finest artisans in the world and deserve to be made to look their very best by photographers and retouchers experienced with luxury jewelry who are committed to the very highest image quality.